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Our Assessment

We understand that organizing care at home for yourself or a loved one can be stressful. You or your loved one may feel fearful about losing their independence. We want to help you understand what’s involved in home care, and reassure you that we are there to help you maintain your independence.

No Obligation Assessment

Before you start receiving care in your home, we will come out and meet you and your family/friends to undertake a care needs assessment and a risk assessment. This is so we can provide the care workers with the right information before we start. We want to find out your preferences, needs, goals and provide you with a person-centred care plan that’s individual to you. Once we have all the information we need this will be written up and shared with the carers securely through our care app on their phone. We also have a family portal where family are able to log in and see what the carers have done, what meals you may have had that day, if you took your medication etc.. We are only able to give log in details to families who have power of attorney.

This information is needed to make sure we deliver the safest and most effective care. The organisation that inspects our service also expects us to keep detailed and up to date records.

What information will we ask for?

There is a lot of information that we will need, and we allow up to 2hours to complete an assessment. Below are some of the questions we will ask. You can ask as many questions as you like throughout the assessment. Family or friends are welcome to attend also.

Finding out about you

Initially we just want to get to know you and your routine.

We will ask you about your background, where you’re from, previous job roles, interests, hobbies.

We will need your health conditions or any mental or physical disabilities.

Medication that you take.

Next of kin details. Details of your power of attorney if you have one.

Social worker details if you have one.

Any health professionals that may be involved in your health care.

Finding out about your home

We will ask how you want us to access your home. Some prefer to open the door to the carers, whilst others may have a key safe so the carers can let themselves in.

We will complete a risk assessment of your home to check there are no hazards for our carers. I.E, low beams, or loose wires.

Your Mobility

We will assess your mobility and any mobility aids you may have around your home.

We will check the areas of the house you will be using any equipment to ensure there is enough room and that we can provide your care safely.

We will find out what kind of shopping you need, if there is anywhere you would like the carers to assist you in going. That maybe out for some lunch, or a walk. We will find out how you would like to pay for this and explain how our carers keep financial records.

Medication Support

We will need to know all your medication you take, and any creams that are prescribed by your GP.

We ask for your pharmacy details.

Do you require any support with your medication? Is your medication delivered or would you like our carers to collect this for you?

Any allergies you may have.

Preparing Meals

We ask about what kind of meals you like and what times you like them.

Our assessment includes any special dietary requirements you may have due to lifestyle, health, cultural values or choice.

We want to reassure you that this is a no obligation assessment!

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