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More About Us

We really do care and will provide the best care that everyone deserves. Our care workers go over and above and do those little extra things to make someone's day.

One of our care workers stayed an extra couple of hours, so the wife (his main carer) could go to bed. Her husband had been up in night and she didn't get much sleep. She was so thankful.

Another care worker took a latte in with her on the morning call, as she knows how much she loves her coffee and hasn't been able to leave the house for a long time. She was so happy and kept saying thank you.

This is what makes us different. Its not just about getting in, doing your tasks and getting out. We are dealing with peoples lives, and just want to be able to provide and go that little extra mile. To put a smile on our clients face's feels amazing.

How it works....

You will have as much time as needed to think about the assessment, and let us know if you would like to continue. We will then write up your person centred care plan, consent form and agreement. We will arrange to meet you again so you can read through the paper work, if your happy then we can sign it.

We will arrange a free no obligation assessment, where you can choose a time and day that suits you.


We will arrange a start date, and will arrange introductions to your care worker.

If at any time you want to change your care plan needs you only need to ring us. However we do regular reviews and telephone checks to ensure your happy with the care you receiving from Ivy Grace and its meeting your needs. 


Meet the Team

Naomi Stancombe - Director


I started working in social care 9 years ago but those 9 years I have learnt an extensive amount about how an agency should be run and how it shouldn’t be.

For generations social care has been part of my life. My nan had various successful care homes, my mum was a district nurse and was part of a very successful care agency which still runs today.  

We decided to start Ivy Grace Home Care, because,

1 - The care crisis and home care agency’s just not having the capacity to take on service users in need. 

2 - We can do it the right way.

Running a home care agency isn’t for everyone. It requires the best of the best, those who aren’t afraid of challenges and are determined to tackle caregiver turnover and recruiting.


Most of my care background is recruiting the right care workers and ensuring they are DBS checked and trained correctly to provide the right care in your home. 

Katy Thrower - Director / Registered Manager


I started in the Care industry at 19 Years old. I worked in a care home for the physically disabled for nearly 10 years.  When I completed my NVQ 2 and 3. I then went over to the community and started as a care worker. It took me a little while to adjust due to working on a shift with 3 members of staff to being on my own, this was a very daunting to start with. I soon grew my confidence and started to really enjoy the community. I saw the difference I made popping in helping those with the tasks they struggled with so they could remain in there own home. I then became team leader and assisted with shadowing and supporting others. I started helping with Rotas and invoicing and pay and became the team manager.

I completed my CQF level 5 in Management and thoroughly enjoyed 10 years working in the community. 

I was giving the opportunity to start my own care agency with a ex college of mine Naomi Stancombe. We have now started Ivy Grace Home Care LTD. I feel I have the experience and knowledge to ensure the staff and clients always have 100 percent support and care. Being a care worker has giving me the drive to ensure the care workers are looked after and trained and supported so they can provide the best care everyone deserves. 

I have seen how things can slip and staff become un happy and over worked. Clients have been moved about and time durations have been cut. This has an effect on the staff and clients. Myself and Naomi are going to do the upmost to ensure this does not happen. 

Stephanie Smith -  Manager


I have worked on the district for 30 years. I started off as a Auxiliary Nurse, based in Little Clacton, When there was a Doctors there, we had the office above. After a few office moves, we ended up in Great Bentley, where I stayed for 19 years. My job role was to go out into the community and look after any clients that needed assistance. I also worked at the Doctors Surgery in Great Bentley as a Phlebotomist, and receptionist.  I wanted to go to university, which I did for 3 years.

I started my own business with a colleague. We ran this for 10 years, and I completed my QCF Level 5 in Management. I then decided to retire. After a while, my daughter and family friend decided to start up a care company and asked me to help them, which is where I am today.

Beki Fair - Mental Health First Aider


My name is Rebecca, Beki as I like to be called. I started working for Ivy Grace Home Care in October 2022, so not very long. However I have worked previously with the Directors and completely believe in their work ethics and how they dedicate themselves in making sure the care provided is the best and right care for every individual they care for, but how they also listen and look after their staff.

I have been in the care industry for just over two years, however previously to this, I worked in a doctors surgery for over 20 years.


I have recently just completed my Mental Health first Aider course.

The role of the Mental Health First Aider is to support employees in the workplace who are experiencing mental ill health or distress. This support can vary from having a non-judgmental conversation with a colleague, through to guiding them towards the right support.


My role as MHFA is being able to recognise the early signs and symptoms of common workplace mental health illnesses

Having the necessary skills to have a supportive, non-judgmental conversation with those who need it

Possessing the knowledge and confidence to guide colleagues to the appropriate professional support if they require it

Promoting greater awareness of mental health in the workplace and reducing stigma


70% of employees report that they’ve

missed work this past year due to mental

health issues. Only 28% of employees

report feeling “very engaged” in their



50% of employees have experienced at

least one characteristic of burn out due to

greater job demands and expectations, lack

of social interaction and lack of boundaries

between work and home life.

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